Winners Circle Subscription Service


We are reaching out to a select few people who are interested in a subscription service that gets you more info on picks than we have ever offered. This service isn't included with any package and we are limiting the amount of people who will receive it.

You CAN'T use a discount code on this package.  If you do use a discount code, you will have to pay the remaining balance to receive this package.

-$99.99 every month after.
-Not autopay, you will have to renew monthly if interested.

-Summary of Stats/Insight/Info on every pick taken 
-Neutral breakdowns of games we have no picks in.                        
-Stats/info that allow you to better educate yourself on a game.
-All Nationals Televised games breakdown. 
-2 way communication with analysts. Ask questions through text message.
-Some SA 24/7 picks will be sent before our full card is out. Allowing you to get better value on lines. 
-2nd half & live in play betting updates. 
-Prop bets, 1st quarter, 1st half bets included.
-Indications on how strongly we feel about Plays. Not just premium or not premium. 
-Only offered to limited amount of team members. Will not be publicly sold.

-Can be kicked out of Winners Circle at SA 24/7’s discretion at any point
-Zero tolerance for negativity 
-3 strike policy (after 3 strikes automatic removal)

-Game preview/summaries will be sent via email 
-2nd half/Live in play & any urgent updates sent through Telegram
-Every member will have a Sports Analytics 24/7 Analyst personal cell phone phone # for questions.


Once purchased, we will be sending you:

- Telegram link

- Phone number to Analyst.


Again, you cannot use a discount code.

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