NCAAF Package


Football is here and and we are off to a GREAT Start this season!

This package includes all NCAAF Straight Bets & Premium Plays! Our Premium Plays are our most confident picks each day and include our Play of the Day's & Play of the Week's!

This package comes in 4 length options:

Season:  (All NCAAF Straight Bets & Premium Plays through the Super Bowl): $499.99

Week: (All NCAAF Straight Bets & Premium Plays for 7 days): $149.99

Day: (All NCAAF Straight Bets & Premium Plays for 1 day): $149.99


These are some of the advantages to getting the season package:

🔹Future bets come with the season option and we are the Future KINGS. We have selected the National Champion in College Football two straight years (Alabama 2017, Clemson 2019). 

🔹Season Packages give you the best pricing per suggested pick. It is much more cost effective to buy a season than a day, week or month. 

🔹Getting a season package is always going to be more profitable in the long run. When hopping on and off daily and weekly packages, we aren't always going to give you the best success rate. This is sports betting and we don't win every single day... But we ALWAYS win over time!

The Season package include ALL Straight Bets, Premium Plays, & Futures for NCAAF.

We ALWAYS have successful football seasons and 2019 will be no different! 




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