Sports Analytics 24/7: Play of the Tournament

The beginning of July every year has gives us things to look forward to: Summer is in full swing, celebrating the birth of our nation on the 4th, and finally the MLB All-Star Break. Much to the chagrin of gamblers everywhere though the All Star break means baseball is on hold and for the most part means there is nothing to wager on. That no longer needs to be true because the NBA Summer League is in full swing and Sports Analytics 24/7 is your guide to crushing the Las Vegas league and profiting while most gamblers believe there is no money to be made but this is not the case for savvy gamblers who know where to find value.

                The NBA Summer League began 15 years ago and has grown more popular each year and this year every NBA Team was represented as well as two national teams, China and Croatia. The league lasts for 10 days and at the end a champion is crowned. The players consist of everything from high draft picks, good college players trying to impress enough to make a roster and even journeymen former NBA players trying to get back into the league. Given that many of these teams are formed quickly and have very little time to practice many conclude it makes this event impossible to gamble as the variance will be too high. Where others see a problem, Sports Analytics 24/7 sees an opportunity where oddsmakers are dealing with less info themselves and as such cannot accurately set a line. Meaning there is significant value in certain games where the line is simply incorrect. Sports Analytics 24/7 uses their system of algorithms and analytics to find these games and help their clients profit at a time during the year when few gamblers are.

                The perfect example of this would be last night’s game between the Lakers and Knicks. The Knicks were favored by four points and many would shake their head at that line. The Knicks were 0-3 in the Summer League having played the Pelicans, Raptors and Suns by a combined 22 points. Not only did Sports Analytics 24/7 have no issue with what appeared to be a bad team being favored by a wide margin for the Summer League (lines tend to be much smaller in the summer league then typical NBA games) but they made this game their Play of the Tournament. This was their most confident pick of the tournament and the average gambler probably would probably shake their head and say I just don’t see what their logic is. There in lies the difference between what Sports Analytics 24/7 does verse the average person. They are able to look beyond records and recent stats and incorporate everything that others don’t. Simply put instead of trusting their eyes they trust cold, hard numbers to make their selections and as a result are not pulled down by human bias.

                The results speak for themselves, just let last night’s Play of the Tournament be the first example. As we said before the Knicks would not have been a popular pick given how they had played in their first three games together but the results were loud and clear: the Knicks won 117-96 by the huge margin of 21 points but led this game by as many as 30 points at times during the game as the result was never in doubt after the first half. Where others shook their head and saw a struggling team Sports Analytics 24/7 let the numbers do the talking and found their most confident play of the entire NBA Summer League. This is just another in a long time of instances where the way the typical gambler goes about making their selections is flawed and ultimately will not be profitable long term.

                Less than 5% of people actually make money when sports betting and the truth is they either don’t know how to go about selecting teams or they don’t have the time to properly put in the research. Sports Analytics 24/7 knows both and their mission is to help struggling sports bettors stop losing every week and start putting in place the principles that successful gamblers utilize each day. They use their proven system to not only help you pick games but also how you manage your bet size and avoid money management issues that plague most gamblers. Simply put if you are tired of losing money sports betting and want to know what its like to be on the winning side then Sports Analytics 24/7 will be your guide.


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